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A Little Satch

By , 2014 September 16 3:10 pm

Turns out DruTim has some time ago put up an entire Krell Karu machinima channel – thanx Dru!

Here’s a more electrified selection from that oevre:


Utah Jam 2012

By , 2012 August 31 3:49 pm

So I traveled to Salt Lake City UT to join in the Utah Jam. We (Vette and I) had a great time. It was truly a treat to meet IRL so many friends from SL. Here’s some video:


Looking forward to the next time.


By , 2009 August 19 5:04 pm

Before starting this blog, I had a myspace page, where I placed a couple of blog entries. Err… I *still* have a myspace – see the blogroll for a link.

In the interest of bringing it all together, I’ll pull over some of those posts over here.

Krell steps up to the mic, and yells Hellooooo Cleveland!

By , 2009 July 14 8:42 pm

Whaddayaknow? I’ve got my own blog!

I’ll post from time to time about music, technology, tools of note, and (second) life in general. Other metaverses will likely be explored as well.

Join me on my mad journey through uncharted territories. We’ll figure it out together. As the human dons the character of transhuman, will the musician don the cloak of mixedmediaist? Maybe the craftsman will metamorphose into an actual artist!?

Too early to tell, but it oughta be a wild ride (or is that too archaic a metaphor when perceived motion does not require physical displacement?).

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