Back in Black

By , 2020 March 31 5:18 pm

Hey all – long time no see. Sorry ’bout that.

So for some time, I had been thinking about getting back into Second Life. All the previous blocking issues dropped by the wayside one by one. New place is not really new any longer. All the accumulated stuff has found a place to stash. I have reliable Internet now (kind of mid-band rather than true broadband, but it’ll work).

But I guess corona kind of sealed the deal. All foreseeable RL gigs are postponed, if not cancelled. We’re all staying in. No longer out and about, interacting through physical music venues. But I still have some stuff to share. I miss seeing all y’all. Can’t gig RL, so online seems the proper venue.

So while the circumstances and reasons are somewhat troubling, we don’t need to let this new normal keep us apart. I’m planning on again being a regular participant in the Second Life music scene. I have a lot of new tunes to share, new skills to enhance the fun, and new gear to keep things sounding great. And a purpose-built studio to serve as my creative space to do it all in.

And people, I think, can use another entertainment outlet. When you’re suddenly spending an additional 50 hours a week at home, that’s a fair amount of time to fill. And passive video watching grows mind-numbing after a bit. I’m thinking the participatory nature of SL might be a decent draw for many. Perhaps SL will return to growth mode? We can push for it.

I’ll be just one more inworld option.

See you around the grid!


Did Pranksters’ Pickin’ Party last Sunday eve.

Was somewhat of a record, perhaps. I arrived two minutes before event start, and all the stage seats were taken – I had to wait to get a seat on stage. I can’t recall ever having seen that many musicians lined up there to share their gifts.

After a bit, a seat opened up. Even at that, I waited over two hours for my first turn to play two songs. And even better: lots of revelers on the lawn as well. I see this as a good omen.

This Thursday, I’ll be appearing at Woody’s Bar at the Juggy Trailer Park: – 7PM SLT

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